Morning Markets in Taipei

Still as bustling, vibrant and fascinating as ever, the morning markets in Taipei play a major role in most ‘ordinary’ people’s daily lives. Taipei’s markets are highly organized, the produce is local and fresh, and the sheer volume and variety of things for sale is remarkable. Once you’re in the embrace of one of these markets you leave the modern fa├žade of the big stores far behind, and enter a more colourful, friendly, and personal world.
I often have friends asking me whether it is convenient to locate a market easily around the city and if they would be able to find everything there. And this is what I always tell them -Yes it is! Every district in Taipei has a morning or an evening market. Some small - some big! But a multitude of products are available for purchase including: vegetables, dried fruit, meats, spices, sweets, candies, herbs, pickled vegetables, tobacco, preserved eggs, toys, utensils, clothes, etc. The concept is similar to our "Sabzi Mandis" in India but…

Wonderful Hanoi

After visiting a lot of Asian countries around Taiwan hubby and me finally decided to visit Hanoi City in North Vietnam. We chose Hanoi due to its flight path and reputation for being the hub of traditional Vietnam culture. The country in general and Hanoi in particular, is humming and buzzing with traffic. A steady stream of motorbikes, rickshaws and cars driving around in both directions. Stepping out onto the streets of Hanoi for the first time is a little overwhelming to say the least. The biggest impression for me was the manic traffic which makes just crossing the road an adventure in itself.  Not to say it was a fantastic trip overall!! There is a lot to explore in Hanoi... you can get a lot of information online about what you would like to see. We had decided on a few important places to see and explored few more while traveling around. Places are easy to find with the help of GPS and the markings on the map. We planned a 4 nights stay and it was an awesome experience. I have…

Splendid Singapore

Those planning to tour Asia should definitely pin Singapore to the top of their list. This bustling metropolis seems alive 24/7. From its tropical nature reserves to buzzing Chinatown, amazing Sentosa, variety shopping, Singapore’s rapid development is bringing more and more shops, offices, business and hotels to the area. 

Singapore is now the best city I have ever been to in my life and this was only after four days of being there. In my view it is the cleanest city and boasts a great transportation system and it also feels very safe to walk around as a traveler. The whole experience was great fun and me and my hubby enjoyed it a lot.
Our visit here was part of a 13 days tour including Hong Kong, Macau and Malayasia . The itinerary was pre planned and most of the bookings were done through an agent. Have split the details day wise. Included are also the things and activities to do, approximate costing per person (does not include food, drinks and shopping), location, photos and useful…