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Beautiful Bali

Sitting on the shore, With you so close by my side, Watching the horizon, And the slowly receding tide, An orange red glow, Slowly spreads across the calm sea, The beauty of nature, On display here for you and me... {©2005 Jan Brooks}
Two states - random coffee dates - soul mates: is our sweet & short love story. Given all the choices on earth me and my hubby opted to go to Bali for our honeymoon.  A place I fell in love with instantly after reading Eat Pray Love. And I am so glad that we visited our dream destination.
Bali is a land that seems to have a magnet at its very heart. It is a feeling that is difficult to understand unless experienced but once visited you are surely compelled to come back and you may even want to stay forever, such is its pull. A truly beautiful tropical island inhabited by remarkably artistic people, breathtaking panoramas of cultivated rice terraces, impressive volcanoes and pristine beaches.

We spent four days in Bali in February 2012 and had a wonderful stay a…