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Beach Paradise Phuket

This is my first blog and yeah I am excited. Nothing better than to start by writing about my favorite activity - Traveling. The idea is not to bore you with a whole lot of information rather share with you our travel experiences that would help if you ever decide to venture the same way. And I am sure at the end of it you would not have any questions. Hopefully not.
We (my hubby and me) both keen travel enthusiasts decided rather ended up visiting Phuket this June. Traveling for us is about exploring a country to the of best of our knowledge. To be honest this was not a well planned trip rather a last minute one and man it was worth it.

A real beach paradise Phuket has lots to offer - famous island excursions, world class snorkeling and dive trips, elephant trekking, jungle safari, golf courses, a zillion scenic spots, beautiful temples & shrines, traditional Thai massage, caberet, water parks, shooting ranges and a fantastic night life. To explore each of these places in a relaxed…