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Morning Markets in Taipei

Still as bustling, vibrant and fascinating as ever, the morning markets in Taipei play a major role in most ‘ordinary’ people’s daily lives. Taipei’s markets are highly organized, the produce is local and fresh, and the sheer volume and variety of things for sale is remarkable. Once you’re in the embrace of one of these markets you leave the modern fa├žade of the big stores far behind, and enter a more colourful, friendly, and personal world.
I often have friends asking me whether it is convenient to locate a market easily around the city and if they would be able to find everything there. And this is what I always tell them -Yes it is! Every district in Taipei has a morning or an evening market. Some small - some big! But a multitude of products are available for purchase including: vegetables, dried fruit, meats, spices, sweets, candies, herbs, pickled vegetables, tobacco, preserved eggs, toys, utensils, clothes, etc. The concept is similar to our "Sabzi Mandis" in India but…